The Next Big Revolution Will Not Be Technological…

“… It will be moral, and led by the “Humans in Evolution” currently in our homes, in our laps!”

Much has been said about the technological revolution to the coming years, in my opinion we will no longer live a technological revolution, it’s already happened at the end of the XX Century, we are about to have a way more important revolution…

Those with children around probably noticed that this next generation of humans is very different, they are way faster at their cognition, and deeper in the way they translating the world and feelings, and their notion of ethics & moral is far more refined, many adults of my generation spent years (and lots of grounds) to be able to make good ethical & moral decisions, when the kids are taking them naturally.

You are right that technology shapes / shaped much of their cognition, but the vice — versa is also true, I see them using the technology in a completely different way, and the sensation I have is that all the things we invented in recent years, were much more for them than for us.

I like to imagine their future and what they will do with all the rules we insist not to let go:

Personal life x Professional life: the fall of work as we’ve understood it for the last 200 years.

To be Married x To Be and Make Someone Happy: the fall of human relationships based on old standards & full of hereditary prejudices.

Business Outfit x Staying at Home Outfit: the fall of Seems/Pretending Something x Really Being Something, and by extension the fall of rampant consumerism.

Working with Signed Contract x Start up with Crowdsourcing: the fall of labor relations based on security and stability for a whole life, which often hides the true talents in a person, the new way will allow more professional attempts, allow more failures, by consequence more chances to reach meaningful success.

Traditional School x Collaborative Education Centers: the fall of the education based on content playback / memorized, when even the room tables will be connected to the digital environment, it will be unnecessary the actual educational style. We will not measure people by what they can remember and reproduce, but by what they can be inspired of & create!

Hierarchical Environments x Design Thinking & Agile Teams: the fall of leadership positions based on control. The new leadership mode will be based on who knows better what needs to be done, takes the lead at the moment. The center of decisions will be moved from where the power is to where the problem that need to be solved is.

Machines Taking My Job x Machines Replacing Humans Who Were Used as Machines: the fall of the objectified & meaningless work, replaced by jobs based on the best part of human being: creative, breeders, caregivers, inspirational, empathetic, genius! This generation will have no fear that machines will take their jobs, because they will realize that the work a machine can do better than a human it is a an inhuman work!

People Who Try to Fit in a Perfect Family Magazine Picture x People Who Want to Create Their Own Stories: the fall of the “only one acceptable family”, to people will be united by Similar Values, Purpose & Love and not by Obligation & Social Requirements.

Parents Raising Children x Parents Creating Creators: This generation will not only reproduce themselves, they will overcome themselves, they won’t feel the need to have babies just to fulfill into society requirements, they know they need to create creator they will take as long as they need to be ready, medicine and frozen eggs will help delaying decisions on this area!

I personally wish that each of us with kids around, be aware of who they are and give them the necessary support and love for start this (r)evolution!

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Ligia Zotini Mazurkiewicz

Tem o dom de fazer pontes entre teoria e prática, apaixonada desde muito cedo por tecnologia e como ela irá levar a sociedade para um patamar mais humano, para isso ela hackeia burocracia de sistemas antigos onde quer que esteja. Viajante nas horas vagas gosta de explorar cada canto & encanto deste mundo.